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Formative Embodiment (FE), developed by Dr Jim Feil DC, RPT, BCST, is a novel approach to key yet under-appreciated elements of successful therapy. FE integrates and uses these elements in a specific way which can be integrated into various kinds of practices, including somatically oriented practices such as Somatic Experiencing, manually oriented practices such as Craniosacral approaches or Polarity Therapy, and classic psychotherapeutic practices with an interest in somatic and formative principles. More information…..

First Expression Training and the Craniosacral Therapy Educational Trust are pleased to offer a

Post Graduate Course in Formative Embodiment


This ground-breaking course is open for new participants to join online or in-person in London at the 2nd seminar in September 2021. A further 4-day seminar will take place in November 2021. Zoom participants will receive support and supervision during practice sessions. You will also be sent a recording of the first seminar to help catch up on any work missed, and a recording of an online seminar ‘Formative Embodiment: Story Telling and Story Listening’ with Dr. Jim Feil. Seminar dates:

·      9th-12th September 2021

·      18th-21st November 2021

  For  more information….

Formative Embodiment Podcast with James Feil

Jim Feil was interviewed by Mark Walsh of Embodiment Freedom Course and they discussed Randolph Stone of Polarity Therapy, Craniosacral work and Franklyn Sills, Stanley Keleman and formative psychology, how we’re present at the moment of conception, “insults to form”, defaults of being, the foundations of his own work, what works and what doesn’t, catharsis, “the pause”, constitutional types, cultural resistances and boundaries. He also offers a few simple yet powerful exercises. A veteran sharing some real experience. Open the Jim Feil Formative Embodiment podcast


These Formative Embodiment 2-day and 3-Module courses are now accepted as primary CPD for the UK Craniosacral Therapy Association.



January 2020 CSTA Journal Article by

Jim Feil

Click here to read full Article

200123 The Fulcrum Issue 79 Jim Feil with Fulcrum Ref no advert.pdf