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The Early Connections Centre is here to support you and your child in the healing of early life traumas. We aim to facilitate the development of loving relationships, healthy growth of children, and to help you blossom in your parenting.

Trauma occurs from the result of challenging events that we have been unable to process or digest. They can be physical or emotional. Early life trauma can happen at different times of our development from before birth through to the early years of life.

Unresolved, they can affect us deeply in who we are and leave traumatic imprints in our body, our emotions and our relationships. They can manifest from a baby challenged to feed or being inconsolable, to a child or an adult behaving in a way that appears out of context with the present time.

At the Early Connections centre, our early years specialists bring together body orientated therapies and pre/perinatal psychology to shine a new light on those difficult times you are going through. Together in a safe, welcoming, and non-judgmental environment, we’ll take some time to listen to your story and that of your child. In this relationship we will be attentive to what your body and emotions are showing in relationship to your family dynamic. We will support you to find your own way towards the healing of the unprocessed trauma in a safe way.

Our multidisciplinary approach is very appropriate for fertility issues, birth and other early trauma, severely challenged babies, feeding issues, persistent crying and sleeping difficulties, children’s depression, bonding difficulties, loss and grief around babies, toddlers and young children behavioural/temper issues.

We provide infant-centred family work based on the BEBA clinic approach*, but can also support couples or adults in one-to-one therapy.

The Early Connections centre is based in the Guildford area.