A gentle and safe way of working with survival patterns that affect how you relate in the world today; supporting you to achieve more of your potential.

‘…emotions, behaviors, bodily sensations,
perceptual interpretations, and the bias of non conscious mental models may influence our present experience (both perception and behavior) without our having any realization that we are being shaped by the past.’


Prenatal and Perinatal psychology continues to show us that babies know!  They are conscious beings who feel on physical and emotional levels. Through this ‘feeling’ relationship with the people around them, babies create perceptions -- mental models – of the world.

How safe or challenging the world feels to us as babies and children has an effect on the adult we become.

You may wonder what is so particular

about early life trauma?

The small group size is
important for creating safety which is a vital aspect in this type of workshop.

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When, as a baby or a child, a challenge is too much for us to deal with, we cannot integrate it. This lack of integration creates limiting mental patterns. These patterns then affect our perceptions and behaviours in social, intimate and work situations throughout our lives, preventing us from fully expressing our true self.

Certified ‘Womb Surround’ Process Workshops (PW) have been designed for adults wishing to explore their early life traumatic patterning that continues to create imbalance in their family, social, or work relationships.

The PW offers an environment where we can begin to make sense of how these patterns affect us today. This clarity can lead to deeper loving connections within primary relationships, shifts in our social relationships, and increased benefits within the work place.

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Workshop Accreditation

Castellino Prenatal & Birth Foundation Training

Attendance of these workshops can be used to fulfil part of the course training requirements.  

UK Craniosacral Therapy Association CPD

These workshops have been accepted as Primary CPD for Craniosacral practitioners.

Who is this workshop for?

This process workshop is open to adults who want to explore this area for personal and professional growth.

Participants have also included couples, parent and adult child, pregnant mothers.

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To Apply

If you wish to attend a workshop please contact us at First Expression or the workshop administrator.

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I have done a few processes in my time.  This one was exceptional.  I have been back at work for a week and several people have commented that I look completely different. 

Something tangible has shifted.  Already I am having healthier interactions…..

SF, London, UK

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The PW structure was created by Dr Ray Castellino DC RPP. He discovered that the most powerful transformations seemed to happen in small group settings, using the same principles employed with vulnerable infants in his infant-centred family work.

For this reason a workshop will have no more than 5 participants over 3 to 4 days. Where there are less participants the length of the workshop is reduced. The actual number of days will be shown on the Process Workshop information page. The workshop format is explained in more detail on the format page. Follow the links below.

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