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Our intention for coming for a family session was to develop our relationships within the family and thus deepen the loving bond we have between us.

We had little idea of what a family session looked like, or what might be expected of us, so we began the session with some trepidation.

Each of us had our ideas of what we wanted from the session. David initiated a very gentle process of negotiation and clarification that supported us as a family to come onto the same page with an intention.

Given that we all had limited knowledge of this approach to family therapy, the session had a natural flow and progression. David provided a quiet, guiding presence that allowed us to be ourselves, feel safe and not judged. It was great!

I would strongly recommend this as not only a process or therapy to negotiate a tough spot in family life, but as a family health check.

It has, without question had an enormous positive impact on each of us, and in the way that we relate to each other. Thank you David.



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Home birth midwife Mary Jackson – now requires all her parents-to-be to have at least two ICFW sessions with her prior to birth.

 Since this requirement,