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I recommend David to anyone that is interested in exploring their truth. He is a universal therapist in that he has the unique ability to create a space for you as an individual. It is in this space that you can feel safe enough to start exploring the areas of your life and your being that you otherwise thought you did not have the courage, space, time or love to look at on your own.

Seeing David as a therapist is not invasive. His gentle, grounded manner allows you to understand that this space is yours to explore as you wish and you choose the paths you wish to pursue. He is there to support and guide and hold.  

Knowing that such a space can exist is healing in itself.



From the moment I met David I knew there was something special about him. We have been working together for  some while and in that time life has dealt me some heavy blows.

David offers a unique range of therapies that are both gentle and extremely powerful, our work together has had a profound impact upon my life and the relationships within it. He is extremely perceptive, kind and gentle and is always supportive. He never judges or condemns, teaches acceptance of what was and is whilst validating whatever emotions arise.

David is truly a gifted and talented man, he has brought a richness beyond anything I could have dreamt of to my life. Thank you David from my heart.