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The course is designed to teach and enhance your skills by:

Understanding the FE vision of change as oriented to ‘action’ and ‘behaviour’.

Developing the ability to use wide spectrum listening as clients speak about their stories and their intentions.

Learning skills of dialogue and verbal interaction from a formative context.

Learning a clear and operative definition of important dimensions of forming, such as boundaries, transitions, self-management and self-governance.

Building the professional alliance – as therapist or coach – through attunement and resonance.

Developing the ability to use rhythm, pacing, pauses and timing in general during a story-telling episode to help a person find his/her own deep pulse and long tide.

Understanding the role of feeling, sensation, emotion and thought as feedback mechanisms to help refine and structure effective action and behaviour.

Learning to build effective and efficient responses to new and challenging situations in the moment.

Appreciating how the FE concept provides methods for containment and resolution in dealing with stress and trauma.

Understanding what it means to build a personal life field.

Learning how to use hand gestures and body postures in clarifying and modulating our goals, desires and dreams.

Understanding and working with “somatic confusion and competition”.

Learning to use Stanley Keleman’s ‘Five Step Procedure’, also known as the ‘Bodying Practice’, in moments of crisis, transition and change.

Developing the ability to edit our memories and the learning they hold for us, as well as generating new, more satisfying and effective “memories” in the present.