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‘Womb Surround’ Process Workshop Testimonials

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Certified Womb Surround Process Workshops

Attending the womb surround process workshop with David and Gitte has been a profound experience for me. They have a deep understanding of trauma - how to work with body-held memory, the nervous system, and how to include left-brain integration. They held a gentle, safe, and welcoming space, and modelled healthy boundaries and consent throughout the workshop.

It felt very special to have this much time dedicated to each participant’s process.

I felt able to relax into the emotional and physical holding. I felt welcome, safe, connected, supported, and grounded.

After the workshop, I experienced a big difference. I have more energy and focus. I notice a marked improvement in regard to my nervous system regulation. I am more likely to stay within my window of tolerance or return much easier and faster back into nervous system regulation.

It has been a long journey for me to find meaningful support in my recovery from early life trauma/C-PTSD, and having had individual sessions with David and attending this workshop has been life-changing for me. It has been a long journey for me to find meaning for supporting my recovery from early life trauma/ Thank you, David, for your generosity of heart, gentleness, and expertise..


David is second to none in creating an atmosphere of exceptional safety that welcomes clients to bring out their little one for healing and integration


I would highly recommend participating in a womb surround process workshop facilitated by David and Gitte. They are very skilled in holding presence while participants explore their personal history and the impact of how experiences in our birth and early life can continue to play out in our current everyday lives. The space and surrounding area of Godalming are lovely and supportive in doing this sacred work. I traveled from the west coast of the United States to attend the workshop and I would love to return in the future.


The Womb Surround Workshop with Gitte Virkman Larsen and David Haas has been a game changer in my life. They are a top professional team with so much heartfelt compassion and care for the participants. They know how to hold the space and make it a safe and harmless place where destructive imprints from painful and vulnerable traumas created through birth and upbringing can be dissolved and released. I have never felt so supported, cared for and looked after at any other workshop I have attended as I have with Gitte and David. I can highly recommend their workshops to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their own personal development and really wants a ground-breaking change.


I felt welcome, safe, and supported with all that I brought. Gitte and David are well-versed in supporting participants with early life trauma and I could lean into their holding and support. My vulnerability was held with kindness, gentleness, respect, and generosity of heart. I experienced feeling safe much more deeply than before and being immersed in this safely held space was very healing for me. I feel grounded and more solid within myself. I am deeply grateful for having been part of this workshop Thank you Gitte and David


David - this is a huge - no massive -NO Gargantuan! piece for me and already I feel the enormity. And I also feel an ability to allow a settling, then perhaps a stirring and more settling. .............................................Another thing that comes to me is that I have never shared this part of me with a man - not even in my own home. So YES I saw and heard you were able to be trusted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and all the way to the top.

LM, Sydney, Australia

David is a gentle, intuitive, loving man, and I felt deeply understood, met and held on the workshop

MD, ACT, Australia

I have come away from this workshop feeling so much stronger and in a different place than when I entered. David created such a wonderfully safe and nurturing space to allow that to happen and to him I am so grateful for this. Thank you.

IC, Sydney, Australia

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