Healing Your Past Seminar
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Healing Your Past So You Can Create Better Relationships in the Future.

10 am till 4.30 pm pm Sunday 4th November 2018
The Holistic Centre, Godalming, Surrey

With David Haas

An A5 leaflet is available in PDF form here.

Who is this seminar for?

It’s for anybody who wants to create more harmonious relationships in their lives, whether single, couples, parents-to-be, parents with children of any age, professionals who want a better working environment. It is also relevant for therapists who have an interest in this line of work.

Some background

Relationships are important in all stages of life, particularly in early life.  Our past can refer to yesterday, to last week, last year or even when we were babies.  When our past holds overwhelming or traumatic events, it merges with our present-day experience. The outcome is behaviours and strategies that mean we react rather that relate to those around us. If we heal the hurts/trauma from the past, we have more of a chance of creating better relationships – whether they are family, social, work or intimate relationships - today.

During this seminar we will look at some of the effects these ‘hurts’ can have in terms of our behaviour and in our ability to relate to those around us. We will cover:

The seminar is open to therapists and non-professionals.

Payment Information

Course fee:

£70 reduced to £60 if paid by 9th October 2018


If the course is cancelled you will be refunded in full or can transfer to another course run by First Expression.