For more information please visit the Merdingen town web site.

Select Touristinfo and then select Unterkünfte (which is accommodation) from the list.


Hinterhofen 21, D79291 Merdingen

Telephone contact number is (07668) 95 08 64

Travel From Freiburg Mainline Station

There are three options for travelling to Merdingen from Freiburg.

Option 1

Go onto the bridge of the metro and take line 1 in the direction of Landwasser (first rail).

Leave the metro at Paduaalle and take the bus Number 31 in the direction of Merdingen.

Get off the bus at Merdingen – Sonne. (It is the first stop in Merdingen).

From the bus stop it is about a five minute walk. You need to walk back from where the bus came from, cross the street to the bus stop on the opposite side of the street and then take the next street Hinterhofen on the right hand side.

Go up the street until you reach just past the highest point and on the left side you will find us at number 21.

Climb up the steps or slope to the front door.

Option 2

Taxi from Freiburg mainline station -  circa €25

Option 3

Take a train from Freiburg mainline station to Wasenweiler, which is about three kilometres from Merdingen.

At Wasenweiler take a taxi to Merdingen. As there is no taxi rank there you will need to telephone for a taxi It will cost around €12 – €14.

The telephone numbers of the closest Taxis are:

Taxi Zwenger 07668 / 996888

Taxi Schätzle 07667/ 912700

Taxi Service 07667/ 940101

Some guesthouses pick their guests up in Wasenweiler – you need to check with them.

Travelling by Car

Leave the A5 Autobahn at Freiburg Mitte and continue in the direction of Umkirch.

At Umkirch follow the sign to Merdingen by going to the left and then continue to follow this road through Waltershofen.

When you arrive in Merdingen take the first street on the left sign (note that is a very small street and easy to miss).

Drive up the street until you reach just past the highest point and on the left side you will find us at number 21.

There is a large garage-block. Park your car in front of one of the garages and then climb up the steps or slope to the front door of the house.

Food in Merdingen

Merdingen is a village with two bakeries as well as a grocery shop and  a little natural food store. They are open during the week until 6.30 pm and on Saturdays only until 1 pm. They are closed on Sundays.

There are some restaurants which should at least be open in the evenings. Alternatively if you have transport you could go back to Freiburg.